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Lake Mead, on the Colorado River
Cut Power Costs and Earn New Revenue
Replacing some or all of your utility-sourced power with floating solar can reduce your costs immediately; we'll secure financing that meets your cash flow goals, and help you opt into any local incentives. If you install a system that produces surplus power, you may be able to collect lease payments or even sell power to your neighbors.
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Low Environmental Impact
Installing floating solar is a waste-free process and requires minimal excavation, reducing ground disturbances and simplifying permitting and environmental compliance. You won't have to pause installation because someone discovered an endangered spider at the construction site. Environmental stewardship is easy with floating solar.
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Conserve and Retain Water
Water loves shade, and evaporation is reduced as a function of shaded surface area. This is a crucial benefit where supplemental water is scarce, and makes floating solar a strong fit for reservoirs, canals, aqueducts, water treatment plants, and irrigation ponds. "Shade balls" save water too, but they won't cut your power bill.
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Protect Water Quality
Floating solar helps you cut marginal costs and extract better value from your investments. Reduce costly water delivery losses. Reduce pumping costs and be nicer to your aquifer. Cut your power bill, sustainably. Dedicate acreage to something other than solar, like growing crops. Even the PV modules themselves tend to perform better on water.
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Maximize Resource Efficiency
Floating solar also offers a platform for mitigating harmful algal blooms (HABs) by shading the surfaces where cyanobacteria propagate, cooling the water, and powering both aerators and ultrasonic algae control devices. Shade also benefits reservoirs concerned with downstream temperatures and naturally-occurring bromide.
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Global and Local Returns
In 2018, the UN IPCC reported that the world must achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, or our grandchildren will face catastrophic economic destabilization. Luckily, U.S. reservoirs alone can support enough floating solar to replace 10% of our fossil fuel consumption. We can't wait for a national consensus - distributed solar lets you take action today.
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Savings on Day One
You’re overpaying for power and wasting water. We build floating solar arrays that save our customers money from Day One through the life of the system, with zero upfront cost.
Mazimize Your Solar Savings With Splash
Floating solar is an elegant and cost-effective alternative to both ground- and rooftop-mounted PV systems, offering powerful benefits to public and private organizations across a diverse range of industries.
Questions about the science, technology, economics, and policies impacting solar panels?
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What are Floating Solar Panels?
Solar Panels that float on the water
Follow the latest news in the floating solar space.
Notable projects around the world, policy changes that impact your industry, emerging technology, and featured floating solar projects
If your organization has non-recreational surface water and pays a utility for power, it’s worth exploring how floating solar can help.

Some applications are obvious – wineries looking to save on power while maximizing acreage for grapes.
Some applications are emerging – communities securing low, stable rates ahead of utility bankruptcies and territory disputes.

Schedule a site assessment today to learn how floating solar can support the unique goals of your organization.
Splash Floating Solar is here to support your organization's goals, whether you have an obvious need or want to explore a new application. If you have surface water and a power bill, give us a call.
Do you own a winery, farm, or orchard? Do you operate a reservoir or recharge facility?
Our goal is to help you save on power and maximize your on-site resource efficiency.
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Is your utility going bankrupt or fighting territory battles? Power bills unpredictable? Our financing will stabilize your power costs and save you money on Day One..
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