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Core Values
Our corporate values inform every aspect of our business, whether we’re making a major push into a new market, or simply calling to check up on a customer. We believe in working smart, delivering quality work product, celebrating our wins, and laughing through the hard stuff.
The Vision
A world where economic opportunity drives a more sustainable relationship with our biosphere. Where energy, water, food, and shelter are managed as interconnected systems. Where arbitrary barriers to affordable solar power – driven by inefficient and archaic processes, monopolies, and capital markets – are rejected. A carbon-neutral society with abundant clean water.
Our Mission
Maximize access to affordable solar power, particularly for under-served markets, with the early goal of bringing floating solar development in the United States up to speed with leading efforts in other parts of the world. We’ll achieve this mission by focusing on customer experience, making it simple for people to calculate their savings, get the right system installed, and get it paid for.
About The Company
In 2018, a team of renewable energy industry veterans founded Splash to tackle the unrealized potential of abundant surface water for supporting solar power development here in the U.S.

As a developer and financier, we take time to understand our customers’ goals and constraints, analyze their power consumption and utility rate schedules, and design floating solar arrays that solve meaningful operational challenges for their organizations. We partner with trusted local installers, source the world’s best available modules and hardware, identify local incentives, and structure financing around our customers’ cash flow and governance requirements.

Our discovery process considers the whole organization, so we’re able to deliver projects that mean more than just power savings to our customers. A project could be a supplemental water supply program. It could build a new revenue stream, educate local students about sustainability, optimize recharge efforts, or fight algal blooms. Projects serve as compliance strategies, brand marketing efforts, declarations of stewardship, or openings for new hires, depending on each unique customer.

This holistic approach builds customer relationships that run deeper than the sales transaction. That’s good business practice. We like helping people and we want to contribute to your success. Transparently, when you score a win, so do we – floating solar is still relatively new here in the States, and every case study helps us evangelize the technology more effectively. So, you can count on Splash to go the extra mile and beat expectations. We’d like to write a success story about you!

About The Team
We’re a close-knit team of tenacious energy professionals based in California, Oregon, and Colorado. Splash is a young company, but our team has been working in the renewable energy space for more than 20 years. We have built and scaled some of the nation’s leading companies in photovoltaics installation and residential solar financing, and our founders are recognized as industry experts in both solar technology and project finance. Other team members come from backgrounds in public water, mineral development, digital marketing, database architecture, and information security, and we’re constantly putting this knowledge to work on behalf of our customers and partners.

We’ve partnered with some of the nation’s best-rated, most experienced solar installers in order to provide customers with a professionally managed turnkey experience – anywhere in the U.S.

If your organization has non-recreational surface water on site and you want to find out how much you’ll save with a floating solar system, give us a call today at (800) 445-2565.

Splash.Solar, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and actively foster an inclusive and respectful environment for all. Privacy Policy