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Ladybower Reservoir UK example of a floating solar site
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What to Expect

An introductory call focused on your organization and what you’re hoping to accomplish with a floating solar system. The goal here is simply to determine whether it makes sense to move into the next phase of discovery – no need to brace yourself for some aggressive sales pitch.

We’ll discuss a little background, how you arrived at our doorstep, and information about any challenges you’re hoping to overcome. A description of your facility setup will help, and we’ll want to jump on Google Maps to take a look at your surface water for ourselves. Of course, you’ll also get the chance to ask all the questions you like.

If it appears there might be a fit, the next step will be to gather information we can use to analyze your power consumption and draft a preliminary system design. We’ll certainly want to look at the past year’s worth of your utility bills, and depending on your situation, we may request additional supporting documents before wrapping the call.

Thanks for the consideration, we’re waiting to hear from you!